Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Poem: Blessing

A few days ago, I shared this poem with some friends of mine, people who have been a positive influence in my life as I've worked to make changes and be a better person. Several of them told me I should share the poem with everyone, in the hope that it would be a bright spot for others. With that intent, I'm posting it here. Feel free to pass this on to someone who needs to hear it. All I ask is that you leave my name and copyright information with it.


My affection rests like a benediction
on the heads of my friends, kind regard
like a cool palm on a fevered brow.
When life bends you, endless weight
pressing your shoulders, I lean close and gather
it up. You will not stumble, you will not falter,
you will rise up instead, rise as the sun
burnishes the horizon, rise as the tide
sweeps the shore clean at dawn, rise
like the craft of hands or the fortitude of hearts.
I bless you, my friends, with life full of hope
and passion, the fierce bright song kindled
and undying. I bless you to be seen, heard,
beloved. I gift you with the music of infinite spheres
spiraling through the cosmos, endless light
stitched across the darkness, the notes of every song
you were born to sing. I shelter you
in the strength of sisters, the brotherhood
of verse, the family of understanding,
of being known at the core.
I see you, my love touches you,
a finger’s brush to remind you—you are still

all you have ever been, and more. And more.

c. 2015 Jennifer Crow

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