I was going to rant today about the general lack of respect people in my life show for my space, and my needs as a writer. And then my friend Virginia posted a link to a Locus interview with Mary Rickert. The whole thing was interesting, but here's the money shot:

‘‘I have had times in my life when I questioned whether I should continue writing. I love to write, but I wanted very much to have a career that sup­ported my lifestyle financially. My big takeaway during my most recent time thinking of this was that I’d chosen a life of devotion. Devotion is an old fashioned word, and it’s a long game. When you live a life of devotion, the point isn’t what you get. The point isn’t any kind of result other than – did you devote yourself that day? When I put that new frame around my life and the choices I made, I became much happier. The devotion: did you write, did you listen today, did you read, did you think of stories today, did you practice? . . . There’s a beauty in that, and a benefit. I’m devoted. I can be happy in that circumstance. In the end, everybody’s life is devotional. At some point it’s the end of life, and you ask, ‘What have I done?’”
And that is a terrific way to think of the writing life. It's just the kind of thing I've been looking to put into practice myself. So thank you, Virginia, and Mary. You've made my world better and clearer today. I can always rant tomorrow.